Things To Assess When You Compare Petting Zoos

A petting zoo can be a fun venue to visit at any time, but can especially be a good option for a children's birthday party. Virtually all kids love animals, and the ability to see several unique animal types up close and even feed them can create more appreciation for these natural beings. If you're fortunate enough to have multiple petting zoos in your area, you'll want to ensure that you choose the best one for your child's party. There are several topics that you can research online to help to narrow down your options. Here are some things to assess when you compare petting zoos.

Types Of Animals

The animals are the primary attraction at any petting zoo, so it's worthwhile to begin your comparison with the animals in mind. In general, you may want to lean toward choosing the petting zoo that has the most different species of animals available for viewing. Some venues may have a handful of species, but others will be known for having a much wider variety of animals. A lot of kids have one or more favorite animals, and when you visit a petting zoo with a large variety, there's a better chance that each child at the party will see their favorite.

Party Space

You'll also want to compare the party space that is available at each petting zoo. While the kids will want to spend a lot of time viewing, touching, and feeding the animals, there are other elements of the party that will need to take place. Namely, you'll want to have an opportunity for your child to open their presents, and you'll likely also want to have a meal and cake. Certain petting zoos have specific party space that your group can use for these activities, which can make the facility a one-stop location for the party.

Other Attractions

While the animals will be the star attraction at any petting zoo you visit for your child's party, it's always a good idea to see what other attractions each zoo in your area has. You'll often find that these attractions can vary. Some petting zoos have many diverse things for children to enjoy during their visit, including a play structure, wagon rides, and other attractions. The more attractions that are available to the children in your group, the more fun everyone will have during the visit. For more info about a petting zoo birthday, contact a local zoo. 

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