Wedding Ceremony Ideas To Make Your Guests Feel Appreciated

Sometimes, it's the smallest things that can make the greatest impressions on the guests who attend a wedding ceremony. If you would like your wedding guests to feel appreciated, consider using one or more of the suggestions below.

Prepare Gift Arrangements

Gift bags or boxes that are given out before the ceremony will let each attendee know that their presence is important. Themed gifts can make your guests' time spent at the reception memorable. Think about how you can tie in your reception's theme with the gifts being offered.

For example, if the reception will be held at a hotel that features many water activities, provide your guests with sunglasses, sunscreen, towels, and other essentials that will make their time more appealing. If some of your guests are unfamiliar with the town where the wedding and reception will be held, print out maps of the area and add one to each gift arrangement.

Compose note cards that highlight what the reception will entail. Place one of the cards in each gift bag or box that you prepare. Secure a personalized name tag to each gift box or gift bag. Your guests will feel further appreciated by each receiving a gift selection that has been hand-prepared for them.

Provide Details

If your wedding ceremony isn't going to follow traditional customs, providing your guests with information about what they can expect can be helpful. Since there are many traditions, religions, and personal practices that can come into play during a wedding ceremony, highlighting exactly how things will unfold can be beneficial.

First, go over your wedding ceremony plans. Pick out the details that you think may be confusing to some of your guests. Non-traditional ways of conducting your wedding processional or exchanging your vows should be highlighted. Prepare an explanation for each detail that you have selected. Have this information printed in the wedding bulletins that will be handed out to your guests.

Invite Your Guests To Stand

A traditional wedding features the bride and groom standing before their seated guests. If you would like to modify this customary practice, ask your guests to join you and your spouse-to-be as the two of you exchange vows. Requesting that all of the guests stand close to you and your partner will signify inclusion. This will also provide your ceremony with a more personal touch. After you and your partner exchange vows, ask your wedding photographer to capture group photos of everyone.

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