How To Customize Wedding Reception Venues With Party Supplies

If you're planning your wedding reception and want to make the venue stand out, customize the space with a variety of different party supplies. No matter what your event budget is, you can find the right items to transform any venue into your dream reception space.  

Party event supplies are ideal for any type of venue, such as spacious, elegant ballrooms and reception halls, quaint outdoor spaces, dining rooms, and event backyards. If your wedding takes place during a busy time of the year, such as the summer or winter holiday seasons, reserve your supplies as far in advance as possible. 

Renting your reception supplies is not only convenient, but it may also save you money as well since you won't need to purchase items you can't reuse. If you rent larger items, some event rental companies will also handle the delivery and set up for you. 

Here are some ideas for customizing your wedding reception venue with party supplies:

1. Table and Chair Linens 

It's easy to enhance boring event tables and chairs with attractive linens, and just a few pieces will make any venue instantly more appealing. As one option, use the event decor theme or color scheme as inspiration when choosing the linens.

For instance, go with sparkling silver tablecloths and chair covers with pretty bow-style tie-backs for a winter wonderland theme. If a topical beach-inspired look is more your style, go with linens in vibrant hues of banana yellow, turquoise, and leafy green. You can also find patterned linens to match your theme.

Other table linen ideas include skirts, runners and coordinating placemats, and cloth napkins. They'll dress up everything from small card tables to large buffet-style tables. 

2. Lighting Elements 

One way to give your reception venue instant ambiance is with the right lighting elements. If you're going for a more rustic look, place wrought iron lanterns down the centers of the tables, or hang them from barn rafters. 

For more elegant, romantic appeal, wrap strings for white mini light around beams and pillars, or even trees if you have an outdoor venue such as a winery or park. LED-lit portable dance floors will not only give the venue a splash of light, it'll also provide reception guests a place to show off their moves. 

Other lighting rental ideas include neon signs with special messages, such as the bride and groom's names, truss covers, LED-lit drop curtains, chandeliers, and projectors. 

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