Creative Outdoor Event Space Ideas For A Wedding

If you and your fiance love the outdoors, and you're holding your wedding during a nice time of year, such as summer or early autumn, consider holding the ceremony out in nature. There are many creative outdoor venues to choose from.  

When trying to narrow down your outdoor venue options, think about what types of activities you and your spouse-to-be enjoy doing, or even what you did on your first date. Use those ideas as inspirations when picking the perfect outdoor space. 

For instance, if you love the beach, hold your nuptials at a local lake. If ocean beaches are more your thing and you don't live near a coast, consider having a destination wedding at a beachfront location. Just make sure that your wedding party and your most important guests can travel to the destination. 

Always plan for inclement weather, such as a spontaneous summer storm, when choosing an outdoor venue. Either choose one that offers additional indoor space or rent an event tent that guests can take cover under. 

Here are some additional creative outdoor event space ideas to get you started:

Rooftop Deck 

You can have your ceremony with a stunning city view as your backdrop when you pick a rooftop venue. Rooftop venues are ideal for couples who want a sophisticated, urban feel to their wedding. You can find these types of venues at multilevel restaurants and hotels, or even apartment or condo buildings. 

Depending on the type of ambiance you'd like your ceremony to have, hold it either during the day for a sunny, sweeping view of the city or at night when the landscape is all lit up. One convenient aspect of having your wedding on a rooftop is that you'll have easy access to indoor space as well. 

Country Barn 

If a rural vibe is more your style, hold your wedding and reception in a quaint country barn. Again, you'll have the option of holding the party both indoors, under the barn roof, or out on the surrounding property. 

A country barn will provide plenty of photo opportunities, such as on hay bales or next to vintage farm equipment, such as tractors or wagons. You'll also be able to prepare your meal outdoors on grills, or even over a campfire if you want to go really rustic. As one fun option, have lunch or dinner catered, and then serve toasted marshmallows over a fire for dessert. 

Contact a local event space to learn more. 

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