Know Your Options For Portable Toilets

Do you have an upcoming outdoor event that will require setting up restrooms on site? If so, you're going to need to rent portable toilets to do it. Here are some of the options for picking the right portable toilets for your event.

Handicap Accessible Portable Toilets

It is always a good idea to have a couple of handicap-accessible portable toilets on hand. These toilets are going to be larger than the typical portable toilet since they are big enough for someone with a wheelchair or walker to enter. Your handicapped guests will appreciate it so that they do not struggle to use the bathroom.

Family Portable Toilets

Parents with small children will need to provide assistance to their kids when they go to the bathroom. Family portable toilets are going to be a bit bigger so that two people can fit in them. They also typically include a changing table for parents so that there is a place where they can change dirty diapers and toss them away. 

Urinal-Only Portable Toilets 

A great way to speed up the lines for the bathroom is to include urinal-only portable toilets as part of your restroom setup. Rather than having individual stalls that take up a lot of space, there can be a bigger open area for males to use the restroom, which is faster and more efficient than queuing up for an individual stall. This can be a great idea for events that tend to be more male-orientated where the need for a urinal will be greater. 

Cassette Tank Toilets

Most portable toilets are for single-day events, where the toilet is dropped off and picked up without being emptied. If you have an event that is going on for multiple days, you may be better off getting a toilet with a cassette-style tank. The difference between this and a standard portable toilet is that it has a tank inside the portable toilet that can be removed and swapped out with a new one. This allows the portable toilets to be easily emptied without having to take the whole portable toilet away. 

Portable Sinks

You need to have a hand washing station for your guests. While you could rent portable toilets that have sinks in them that operate with a foot pedal, you can also set up a portable sink station. This will get people out of the portable toilets faster so that you need to rent fewer toilets for your event. 

For more information, contact a local company, like Ben Toilet Rentals Inc.

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