A Cotton Candy Machine Can Be A Welcome Addition To These Outdoor Gatherings

One of the fun things about visiting a local party rental company in advance of a get-together you're organizing is looking at all of the different types of equipment and evaluating whether they might have a place at your event. Many party rental services have cotton candy machines, and while you might only associate this device with carnivals, the reality is that it can be a welcome addition to a number of outdoor gatherings. Any event with children will make the cotton candy machine a popular addition, but even young-at-heart adults will enjoy this machine's fluffy, sweet fare. Here are some gatherings that can benefit from a cotton candy machine.

Birthday Party

Many parents try to hold their children's birthday parties outside, as it can be easier to deal with a group of children in the backyard than running around inside of the house. If you're preparing for your son or daughter's birthday festivities and will be hosting a lot of kids from school and from the neighborhood, a cotton candy machine can be a perfect addition to this gathering. You can have an adult take charge of the machine and hand out small servings of cotton candy to each of the children.


Initially, you might think that a cotton candy machine would be an odd addition to an outdoor wedding, but the reality is that this device can inject a lot of fun into your reception. If you're choosing a wedding style that isn't overly formal, it's fun to think about what unique additions will make your big day memorable for you and your guests. Cotton candy is not only something that your guests will enjoy munching on, but you can tint the candy to match the color of your wedding theme. This can make for some eye-catching photos as your wedding party holds suitably colored cotton candy.

School Carnival

Lots of schools organize year-end carnivals that involve bouncy castle, bicycle events, and all sorts of other games for the children and their parents to celebrate the pending arrival of the summer break. If you're organizing such an event for your local school, a cotton candy machine — or perhaps a couple of them, depending on the size of the school — can be a worthwhile addition. Ice cream melts quickly in the heat, making it challenging to serve to perhaps a couple hundred children. Cotton candy, meanwhile, can be a good alternative to ice cream for dessert.

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