How To Handle A Movie Screen Rental

Few things are as fun as hanging out with a crowd and watching an outdoor movie screen. To make the most of the experience of getting a movie screen rental, though, you should plan around these four potential issues.

Compatibility with Projectors

Talk with the movie screen rental service provider about the equipment they use and how well it works with whatever media you have. Even if they're using a fully digital system and you have the movie in a digital format, it's wise to ask them to do a test run to make sure your movie will play on the projector.

Know the Setting

Every location has its quirks, and it's a good idea to find one that will provide a dark enough environment for screening a movie. It's best to find a spot that's away from streetlights, vehicles, and other forms of illumination that may drown out the picture.

Legal Issues

When you're showing a movie to a crowd in public, it's important to verify that you have the legal right to display whatever content you'll be showing. Modern film releases going back decades are still under copyright, and that means you may need to get a public performance license. Generally, you will need a license if you'll be viewing the content with a group other than family members or a small group of friends or if the showing will occur in an open-air environment.

If you own the rights to a movie, this is not an issue. There is also an exception for films that have entered into the public domain. There are no general exceptions for free showings or educational uses, so don't try to skirt the licensing issue.

You should also check with your local code enforcement officer about sound if you're screening outdoors. Depending on when you screen a film, you may run up against the noise ordinance in your area. Verify when the ordinance kicks into effect and what level of noise is permissible.

Understand the Provider's Policies

Most companies have rules about the condition a screen has to be returned in and how soon it has to be returned. There are typically penalties attached, and it's common to take those fees from the customer's deposit. Understand these rules before signing an agreement. It's also wise to do a written inventory of all the accompanying equipment when you receive the screen and when you send it back.

For more information, contact a movie screen rental company.

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Few things are as fun as hanging out with a crowd and watching an outdoor movie screen. To make the most of the experience of getting a movie screen r