Unique Private Event Venue Ideas

After setting a wedding date, you'll probably start wondering where you'll celebrate on your big day. While you can stick with a traditional wedding reception venue, such as a country club, a reception hall, or a hotel ballroom, another option is to embrace your hobbies and passions by choosing a unique private event space.

The first thing you'll want to consider when starting to narrow down your ideal event space is if you want to hold the reception indoors or out. If you're getting married during the warm spring and summer months, you'll have a variety of outdoor venues to choose from if you want a nature-inspired location. When it comes to indoor spaces, you'll have plenty of options as well. 

If you choose a creative outdoor venue, make sure you have a back-up space, such as a rental tent, to protect guests in case of inclement weather. In some cases, you may be able to find an outdoor venue that includes access to indoor space as well.

When you've decided when and where you want to hold your wedding, here are some unique private event venue ideas to consider.

1. Winery or Farm

If you and your spouse-to-be are wine-lovers, a winery event venue may be the perfect choice. Your friends and family members can mix and mingle as they sample gourmet appetizers and sip a variety of different wines. 

A winery is also ideal if you desire both an indoor and outdoor space, as you can taste wines and enjoy a lunch or dinner inside while taking vineyard tours and sipping after-meal cocktails outside. Depending on the property, you may also be able to freely roam the manicured grounds.

Similarly, you could hold your wedding reception at a farm. You'll most likely have access to several different spaces, including a rustic barn, horse stables, and gardens. To keep guests of all ages entertained, inquire about hands-on activities that they can partake in throughout the event. 

2. Museums 

Whether you and your fiance are passionate about history or about art, you can find a museum that celebrates your interests. After deciding on the perfect museum, contact its event staff to inquire about private rooms for dining and opening gifts, catering options, and whether alcohol is allowed if that's a priority to you.

If you have a large reception, you may be able to reserve the entire museum for the duration of your event, rather than just a specific room. Again, you may also have access to outdoor spaces, such as flower or sculpture gardens. 

For more information on your private event venue options, contact a wedding planner near you.

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