Are You Honoring Your Parents On Their Fiftieth Anniversary?

Fifty years of marriage to the same individual is pretty impressive, isn't it? If your parents are among those who have been married for that length of time, that is certainly reason to celebrate. Will you be hosting a special event along with your siblings, or will you be the only host? From arranging for event venue fine dining services to planning activities for your parent's 50th anniversary celebration, here are some ideas that might help you.

Fine Dining Services - If you are hosting an intimate dinner with just a few friends and your closest family members in attendance, you might be having that right at your own home. However, if the guest list is long, maybe you decided from the very beginning that you would arrange to have the celebration at an event center. Consider using the event room in a beautiful hotel. By doing so, the hotel will more than likely have an excellent restaurant that can cater an elegant dinner.

If you already have a menu in mind, the caterers will be happy to create that menu for you. However, maybe you are having trouble decided on what to serve. The caterer will more than likely have a list of menus that the company has served in the past. For example, the caterer might recommend that you give the guests a choice of two different entrees, say small filet mignons and grilled salmon.

No matter the menu, the caterer will arrange for beautifully decorated tables to be ready for your big event. Elegant flatware and dinnerware can be provided, as well as flower arrangements for the table centerpieces.

Plan The Activity - Besides coming to your celebration to honor your parents, your guests will also be looking forward to what you have planned for the evening. Consider hiring a DJ or a small band so that everybody in attendance can dance the night away. 

Another idea is to show a home movie that depicts your parent's 50 years together. It might take a lot of time, and you might need to find professionals to help you, but seeing pictures put together with great music will be a treat for your parents to watch and for those in attendance to enjoy. Consider selecting old music for the background of the presentation. For example, music by artists like Frank Sinatra, Nat "King" Cole and other old timers would probably be perfect.

Don't forget to toast your parents and to serve wedding cake. The caterers can arrange for that to happen, too. 

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