Benefits of Renting Hotel Rooms at Your Event Venue

Whether you're planning a destination wedding and reception or are having a special event in your hometown and inviting a lot of out-of-town guests, there are several benefits to booking rooms at your event venue. 

The types of hotels that offer private event space vary a lot by size, price, and location. No matter what type of venue you'd like, you can find one that also offers accommodations. From intimate, family-owned inns to popular chain hotels and everything in between, there's a property to meet your needs. 

Things to Consider

One of the most important things to consider when searching for the perfect property is your budget. Your choices range from high-end luxurious boutique hotels to more wallet-friendly chain accommodations, so use their price points to help narrow down your list.

Also, size does matter when it comes to special event venue and accommodation combos. For instance, if you have a large guest list filled with all of your friends and family members and you're holding a destination wedding, a small hotel probably won't cut it. When you're bringing in people from out-of-town, you have to make sure there are enough rooms for everyone. 

Hotel event spaces range from spacious conference centers and banquet halls to quaint gardens and small rooms, depending on your needs. Because they're so versatile, the spaces will work for almost any type of special occasion, such as wedding receptions, bridal and baby showers and family reunions. 

Here are some benefits of renting hotels rooms at your event venue:

1. You Can Save Money

When you book hotel rooms for a special event, you can rent them in money-saving blocks. Some properties offer deals depending on the number of rooms you reserve. These savings will be passed down to your guests, who will pay the discounted rates upon check-in. 

You may have an opportunity to save even more money if you rent an event space at the hotel, and possibly use their on-site catering team, as well. Check with the property's special event department before reserving any rooms or venues to make sure you're getting the best deal. 

2. Convenience 

When you book rooms at your event venue, you and your guests will have the convenience of sleeping and getting ready just steps from the party, and will also have a place to rest in between events. This will especially come in handy on your wedding day when you'd like to freshen up or change before heading to the reception. 

Another perk is that traveling guests will have a guaranteed place to stay upon arrival, and will be close to other friends and family members throughout the duration of the event. When you start planning your next event, look into hotel accommodations for the venue and for space for your guests. 

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