Is Your Child Turning Ten Years Old?

If your son or daughter is turning ten years old soon, he or she must be very excited about finally having double digits in their age. While your child is excited about another birthday, you might be a bit sad about the passage of time. Turning ten years old is certainly a reason to celebrate, right? With that in mind, from sending out clever handmade invitations to arranging for the rental of a birthday party room, here are some ideas that might help you plan a great party for your child.

Send Invitations In The Mail - In these days when so much happens through electronic devices, don't you think it would be extra special for the guests to receive their birthday party invitations personally? One idea is to create handmade invitations that have the number 10 as part of their design. For example, the front of the invitation could have happy face stickers all over it, with just enough room in the middle of the cover page to say something like, I'll Be Happy If  You'll Come To My Tenth Birthday Party! You might have to print really small letters, but the message will set the tone of the party. Another idea is to have your child's baby picture on the front of the card. The caption could say something like, This Baby Is All Grown Up. Think of asking your child to help you make the invitations. 

Rent A Birthday Party Room - Of course, you could host the party right at your house. However, think about the time and effort you'll save if you rent a birthday party room. Even more important, your child will certainly be the hero when his or her friends get to go to an event room where there are things like jumping mats, miniature golf, laser tag, electronic games, or maybe even a bowling alley. At the birthday party center, you might even be able to have pizza and birthday cake served to the kids. If you'd rather bring your own birthday cake, maybe one your child's favorite flavors, the birthday party room manager will probably be willing to let you bring your own dessert. If you decide to rent a birthday party room, be sure to be very clear about the time and the date of the celebration. In fact, consider putting it in writing. In addition, give an approximate number of how many people, both children and adults, that will be in your group. You might find that the adults enjoy the birthday party events too.

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