Jazz Up These Casual Foods As Wedding Snacks

The food at your upcoming wedding doesn't all have to be formal. While it can be enjoyable to sit down to a formal dinner, you may wish to have some snacks and appetizers offered in advance. If you're the type of person who enjoys casual dining and expects that many of your guests will, too, work with your wedding catering service to come up with some ideas for jazzing up your favorite casual foods. You'll end up with a number of tasty results that will have your guests well fed — and talking about the wedding fare well into the future. Here are some options to consider.


Plenty of people love popcorn, but it's not a common sight at weddings. Nevertheless, you can talk to your wedding caterer about providing this classic casual food in a jazzed-up manner. Instead of just having bowls of popcorn, for example, consider one or two old-fashioned popcorn makers, much like those that are common at sporting events and fairs. For a stylish twist, consider serving popcorn in red wine classes. Make sure that numerous toppings are available so that people can customize their popcorn how they like. At a wedding, powdered toppings may be better than buttery toppings, given the potential mess that the latter can create.


If you're a lover of fries, gravy, and cheese curds, your wedding can be the perfect time to introduce poutine to your family and friends who haven't previously tried it. Your catering service can prepare fresh, hot poutine and serve it to your guests as a fun appetizer. Moderation is the key here — poutine can fill people up quickly, and you don't want your guests losing their appetites before the wedding dinner. One option to make this casual dish fancy is to serve it in champagne glasses with long forks.


Another casual food that you can offer at your wedding is nachos. However, if you want to jazz up this dish, think of some creative or high-end toppings to offer. For example, you might want champagne aioli, shaved truffles, and other similar items. It can be fun to have your catering service set up a nachos stand, at which your wedding guests can specify how they want their nachos to be topped, and servers can make custom orders for them on the spot. If you have other casual foods that you enjoy, don't hesitate to discuss them with your catering service in advance of your big day.

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