Tips For Renting The Perfect Tent For Your Upcoming Summer Wedding

If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding this summer, then renting a tent will ensure your guests have a great time - even if the weather doesn't cooperate. While you may be tempted to skip it to save costs, renting a tent really is a requirement for a successful outdoor wedding. 

To ensure you rent the perfect tent to match the theme of your wedding and accommodate all of your guests, here are some professional party planning tips.

Tip: Rent A Larger Tent than You Think You Need

Since your wedding is still months away, you likely don't have a firm head count of the number of attendees yet. That's okay! Your wedding's tent should be big enough to allow all of your guests to freely walk around and mix with others, sit at their dinner tables, and dance on the dancefloor if you are opting for one. So, even though not everyone you invited will likely attend, rent a tent big enough for as many people as you initially invited and you will be happy for the extra room when the day comes.

Tip: Consider the Theme of Your Wedding When Choosing a Tent Style

It is also important that you take the theme of your wedding into consideration when renting a tent. The theme will help you decide if you prefer the look of a pole-style or frame-style tent.

For example, if you are having a very traditional wedding with so many flowers everywhere that it feels like your guests are in an English garden, then you should rent a pole-style tent to match. Pole-style tents use center poles to support draped canvas and they look very appropriate for traditional and fantasy-style weddings.

In contrast, frame-style tents use metal frames and are a lot boxier looking. For a modern wedding with simple lines and an understated look, frame-style tents look more appropriate than pole tents.

Tip: Don't Forget to Also Rent Some Portable Restrooms

Finally, as you are deciding on the perfect tent for your wedding, don't forget that it won't have a bathroom like other indoor venues will. If you are hosting your wedding in a park or open space that doesn't have adequate restroom accommodations, then you will need to rent some portable restrooms as well. When you contact the event rental company in your local area, ask if they can deliver restrooms at the same time as they are setting up your tent. If they offer this service, then it will save you a lot of time and effort. 

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