Skip Coffee: Ten Great First Date Ideas

Although a coffee date is alright, it has almost become the default go to first date, and it can seem unoriginal. In other circles, a coffee date is more like a job interview than a date, and who wants to be interviewed and interrogated over coffee during a first date? That setting might just ruin the chances of getting off on the right foot.

So what alternatives are there?

Maybe a dinner date, although dinner on a first date can frankly be intimidating even for the most self confident person. One or a few date encounters work perfectly as you build up to a dinner. They allow you a neutral and loose platform to gel or repel without any awkwardness.  Below are ten less formal options for a first date:

  • Go for a picnic

  • Get fancy pizza

  • Play some pool

  • Go to a museum

  • Go bowling

  • Go to poetry reading

  • See a comedy show

  • Go to a concert

  • Go watch a game

  • Go to the movies

The Top 3 Choices and a Backup Plan

The Favorites

Having a picnic is one of the best options that you can enjoy because it is not intimidating. Beside there is just something special about the outdoors and a conversation under blue skies with fluffy clouds on a sunny day with the greenery, chirping birds and wild flowers to complement your time together. It's an amazing way to spend easy, uninterrupted time talking about anything and everything. In addition, neither one of you has to spend a fortune at this stage. You can make some of your best memories in this setting, since it is a pressure free environment.

Concerts can make a big statement, as long as you're sure you know the other person's musical tastes. Check out concert ticket services for concerts in your area that have discounted, last-minute tickets; your date will think you spent a lot of money when you really got a great deal.

Checking out a street fair can also be really fun. Surrounded by so many strangers and a somewhat festive environment, it is likely to bring out the party animal in each other. This is a great setting to draw out the other person's character, so expect goofy, quirky, foodie, funny, two left feet, good conversationalist and all the general kind of stuff that reveals whether you want to go on a second date or end it on date number one.

The Fall Back Plan

A beer garden is an excellent casual idea if you want to spend minimally and are not interested in an intense date. Beer gardens tend to be chilled out with fair music for the ambiance but not too loud to drown a conversation and good views; it's the perfect laid back sort of place to have a easy conversation over good food and a pint to loosen the nerves. It is the perfect way to break the ice for a first date.

Coffee dates have their place, but nothing beats getting to know your first date in a casual setting sprinkled with just enough creativity to make you look interesting enough for a second date. Visit a site like TIXBLITZ.COM for more inspiration.

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