Do You Want To Have A Royal-Themed Party For New Year's Eve?

If you are planning to host a New Year's Eve party, you are smart to make the plans now. After all, once Halloween is over, Thanksgiving and Christmas will probably sneak up on you in a flash. And, if you've decided to host a royal-themed party, planning early will help you to prepare fun invitations and memorable activities for your party.

The Invitations -

Before you send out invitations, consider the type of event your royal party will be. Are you hosting a formal affair or a casual one? Deciding on this will help you to design your royal-themed party invitation.

  • For a formal event, think of sending invitations that mimic elegant wedding invitations.
  • Perhaps you could design a family crest for the front of your invitation.
  • For a more casual event, think of adding humor to the invitation.
  • For example, create a caricature of you and your spouse wearing crown and royalty robes.

The Activities -

Think of everything that speaks of England. Combine music and games that will be royalty-themed. 

  • For example, ask your guests to dress up like somebody from a historic royal family.
  • Whether you hire a band, a DJ, or whether you play your own music, include songs from the British Invasion.
  • For instance, play music from groups like The Beatles and The Monkeys.
  • Another idea is to hire somebody to do royal entertainment impersonations of people like Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth.

The Decorations -

Of course, the way you decorate the party area will lend a royal mood to your party. Whether you host the party at your house or whether you host it at an event center, think of all the fun ways that you can decorate with royalty in mind.

  • Display pictures of today's British family.
  • Another idea is to display pictures of people like Ann Boleyn and King Henry.
  • Have small replicas of castles as your table centerpieces.
  • Think of putting a small crown at each person's table setting.

Of course, you will want to toast the New Year at midnight. Think of asking each of your guests to say something they loved about 2017. In addition, ask them to express a wish they have for 2018. And, since people often love to go home with party favors, think of royal-themed gifts you can give them. For example, tie decadent chocolates around a miniature crown and add wishes like Have A Royal New Year to the candy bag.

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