How to Create a Fantastic Halloween Pumpkin Patch

If you have a pumpkin patch like Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch and you have decided to open it up to others then you can have a great time and make some extra money by selling your pumpkins and offering other fun opportunities to those who come to look at and buy your pumpkins. You want your Halloween pumpkin patch to be a lot of fun and to have a fantastic Halloween theme to it. Here are some of the different things that you can do to create a fantastic Halloween pumpkin patch that offers a lot of seasonal fun for all ages:

Offer hay rides

Along with allowing people to choose their own pumpkins from your patch, you can also offer the children the chance to enjoy hay rides through the pumpkin patch. The easiest and safest way for you to do this is to get some very large wagons and fill them partially with hay. The kids can sit on the hay and you can have someone pull them around the patch. The kids will have a lot of fun doing this and it can make for some great picture taking opportunities for the parents.

Have a petting zoo

You can have someone bring some small farm animals to your pumpkin patch and fence them in a secure area. The kids and even any interested adults can enter the secure area and have a great time petting the different animals. A few examples of the kinds of animals that can be in the petting zoo area include pot belly pigs, ducks, rabbits and miniature horses.

Have pony rides

You can also have someone bring some ponies to your property when the Halloween pumpkin patch is open and offer your visitors the chance to take pony rides around the patch. Along with riding on the pony for fun, you can also have someone there who is designated to take pictures of the children on the ponies. The parents will love these pictures even more than the kids will.

Have a pumpkin painting area

You can set up a craft space where children can bring the pumpkins they want and use your supplies to paint them. You can set the area up with acrylic paints, paint brushes, markers, stickers and even stamps. If you want, you can even have a pumpkin painting contest where you will give out prizes to those who paint the most creative pumpkin, the scariest pumpkin, and more.

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