Have A Halloween Party That Will Be Remembered

It's crazy that Halloween is just around the corner, isn't it? Doesn't it just seem like yesterday that you were watching your kids at the swimming pool? If you're planning to host a Halloween party for your children, from the invitations to using party rentals, here are some ideas that might help you to plan an event that won't be forgotten for a very long time.

The Invitations 

Receiving invitations in the mail will be a hint of how much fun your Halloween party will be. Think about letting your children help you to make homemade invitations with a Halloween theme. 

  • It's simple to cut out a white piece of construction paper.
  • Using a black marker, just add two oval eyes.
  • Another idea is to use orange paper to make a funny pumpkin.
  • Use candy corn to make the eyes for extra fun.

Party Rentals 

If you already have all the chairs and eating tables you'll need, you're good to go. If you don't have them, consider finding a service that provides party rentals. The service will more than likely even make a delivery right at your house. There's more that to rent, too. For instance, if you want to fancy things up a bit, there are things that you can rent at a very affordable price.

  • Think of renting a large punch bowl.
  • Decorate it to look like a witch's brew.
  • Think of renting black folding chair covers.
  • Tie a wide orange ribbon around the chair covers to create a Halloween effect.

The Entertainment  

Think of old-fashioned games you can play. For example, using the folding chairs you rent, play Duck-Duck-Goose. Except, change the words to Ghost-Ghost-Witch. And, if you've rented long party tables, cover them and let each child create a painted design on his or her own little pumpkin.

  • In addition, bob for apples in a large tub obtained at a party rental store.
  • Tell not-too-scary ghost stories.
  • Roast marshmallows to make S'mores.
  • Have a parade where kids can show off their costumes.

Think of ending the party with song and dance time. Play songs like The Purple People Eater and teach the little kids the words to the songs. Make up funny dances to go with them, or let the kids just dance in their own style. Of course, you'll want to send them home with party favors. Think of buying Halloween-themed books at a dollar store for them to read at home.

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