How To Plan An Event's Technical Needs When You Aren't Technical

You're in charge of a great event. You know that there will be some technical needs, including an audio visual setup and lighting. How can you manage these tasks without knowing much at all about technology?

Get a Consultant

You might not want to outsource the project completely if you want tight control of the event setup. But you'll definitely want to consult an audio visual expert to help you figure out what needs to be done. They can help confirm or advise your choices as you go along. 

Plan Out the Event

You might need to get a loose idea of what the event will look like before you can consult an AV specialist. This will help you figure out what lighting you might need, what types of projectors or computer capabilities you need for your event, and what audio equipment and speakers you'll need. Making space for a DJ is a lot different than setting up a slideshow, so know what entertainment you want, and then let the technology fit around your event. 

Once you have the list of entertainment and activities, an audio visual specialist will help you group them together into the most compact technology setup possible. 

Choose an Audio Visual Equipment Rental 

Your venue may or may not have audio equipment available. Getting an audio visual rental team on board will be helpful, since you can bounce your ideas off of them. They can handle the equipment selection, setup, and troubleshooting during the event. If you're on your own and planning an event, it makes sense to have at least one technical person present throughout the event. You wouldn't want to realize that the speakers aren't working halfway through the event and have no one there to fix them or swap out equipment. 

Work with the Constraints of the Venue

The venue will have its own constraints. The number of power outlets, the acoustic setup, and the available equipment and hookups at the venue are some things your audio visual specialist will consider as they advise you. 

Do a Dry Run

If you have time before the event, it's always great to do a dry run of the event and make sure that the technology is going to meet your needs. Set up and test equipment, double check that you have the right cabling, locate spare supplies, and let your presenters or musicians get a feel for the equipment. 

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