The Budget Wedding: How To Have A Beautiful Yet Affordable Reception

If you'd like to get married, but you don't have tons of disposable funds to spend on the reception, you're probably trying to figure out ways to cut corners and make things more affordable. Budget weddings are completely possible. There are plenty of other people who've had to stick to a tighter budget, but were successful at pulling it off. If you're trying to save and still have a wonderful time, a few helpful tips could make a drastic difference for you.

Book the Right Venue

It all starts with selecting the right wedding venue. Some venues are expensive, especially if there are hundreds of other brides wanting to get married there. Choose a place with less competition. Do some of your own research on the venue to find out when it tends to get booked out for weddings. Choosing to get married during the off-season could help you save some money. If there are fewer people booking the venue, it may not cost you nearly as much to rent it out as it would during times when it's in high demand.

Never settle for the first venue you see. Make sure you're touring several different venues and comparing costs before booking the right one. Even if the first one ends up being the right one for your reception, it's always helpful to explore your options in advance.

Prepare the Food Yourself

Hiring a catering company to prepare and serve food for the wedding could be expensive. Some catering companies charge thousands of dollars for the service. Save money by preparing food yourself and enlisting help from your closest family members, such as your parents and siblings. There are certain foods that are often easier to make in bulk, such as spaghetti and meatballs and baked ziti. If you stick with preparing affordable meals, the amount spent on the food supplies would still cost you less than it would cost to have the wedding reception catered.

Pick Out a Non-Traditional Dress

Some people get married in expensive white dresses, but that may not be your style anyway. Select an affordable non-traditional dress and save thousands of dollars. You can find beautiful and elegant dresses under $50 on Amazon. Browse the web to look for great deals on different dresses you'd consider wearing to the wedding.

Avoid overspending by booking an affordable venue when it's not in such high demand. Prepare some delicious food for wedding guests instead of paying a catering company to do the job for you. And, find a beautiful non-traditional dress to wear for the special day instead of spending too much on something you'll only wear once. These simple tips could help you save thousands of dollars.

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